FREELANCE EDITOR/ASSISTANT EDITOR                                                                                    2015-Current

As a freelance editor, I have had amazing opportunities to edit a vast array of programmes. Ranging from music programmes to vignettes of athletes in the Invictus Games. What I truly found rewarding is being an assistant editor in a 4-part series of Watership Down, the role I am currently on. It has been incredibly motivating working in a collaborative environment and seeing the results and progress of a feature narrative come alive.


Fifty Fifty Post Production, Soho, London                                                                                  2010-2015

At Fifty Fifty, I have progressed to become a creative Online editor using Avid Symphony. Starting on reversioning, I have steadily built up the experience, knowledge and talent to grade and online full broadcast programmes. I had some training on Baselight and a colouring design course at ICA to further strengthen and enhance my grading capabilities.  The experience in online editing has also given me the skillset to QC and fix any issues caused by Harding failures.


Fifty Fifty Post Production, Soho, London                                                                                   2005-2010

Here at Fifty Fifty,  I have offline edited a variety of short and long form broadcast and web based programmes, as well as working on marketing and pitch campaign films for high profile brands with ad agencies, BBH, VCCP and Havas. These were edited on Avid Media Composer and Symphony, but on occasion used Adobe Premiere and FCP.  Working in this facility,  I also gained a wealth of technical experience. I can comfortably encode, transcode, work on a variety of file formats and troubleshoot any issues on non-linear editing applications. 

FREELANCE EDIT ASSISTANT/EDITOR                                                                                             2000-2005

This was a time I had a mix of edit assistant and edit work. Having just finished an MA course in production, Granada commissioned 2 of the proposals written by 2 of my course mates.  I was asked to edit them and was excited for the opportunity to.  I edited the 2 half-hour programmes - Counting Sheep and Chinatown. And we were pleased to hear that Counting Sheep won an RTS award. Clearly just starting out, I was more than happy to assist experienced editors at the same time learning more about the skill and technical know how in editorial. Visual Voodoo, a company owned by ITN would regularly hire me to digitise and also re-cut some existing edits.

MA TV PRODUCTION                                                                                                                            1998-1999

University of Manchester

This course was very generous with the use of the department's equipment and an Avid MC which students in our course were able to use 24/7.  With the course work and the accessibility of the edit suite, I was able to gain more experience and confidence in this part of the production.  We were all given work placements, and my placement was at the BBC helping out the team of Great Railway Journeys.

FILM CERTIFICATE                                                                                                                                  1998-1999

New York University

The film course that I did at NYU was a 3-month intensive course in film making. My intention was to learn as much as I can about every detail in production. But at the end, I ended up falling in love with the editing process.  Even with the chaos of strips of 16mm film being spliced, it was exciting to experiment with the cuts and putting it all together to create the scenes.  We used Steenbecks and very old Moviolas to edit with.